Friday, October 21, 2011

Self Publish

  Every once in a while you read something and you say to yourrself, "I can write something on that topic. If only I could find a publisher for it."
   Sometimes a burning desire pops up inside a person and they must get their book out to the public.
   I find that this self publishing option is a good way to go if and when you can't find a publisher that will take your book, You have submitted time and again and now have a stack of rejection slips. Some have little notes written on them of encouragement. But still no cigar, as they would say.
   For a bit of out of the pocket money you can find a self publishing book publisher.If you are not adverse to being your own agent and bookseller (Meaning you will have to get out there and let people know your book is available for purchase) a place like Westbow Press is a way to go.
   Who knows? You may have the book that sells well and some publisher will be asking you to sign up with them for your next book. It can and does happen.
    Dreams do come true. I expect to see your next book. Also become a follower of this blog to keep up with the news.

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