Monday, October 24, 2011

The Encounter by Stephen Arterburn

      Forgiveness must be given as well as received. That is the message of this short book. It is only 138 actual story pages with an additional 19 pages of background explanation and three more for a discussion guide. That makes it 163 pages.
       This story is plot driven. that is not to say that the characters are not memorable. They just are stock characters. There is the main character,Jonathan Rush, a successful business man who is searching for the truth about his abandonment as a child. To do so he must come out of his comfort zone and give forgiveness to a woman who gave him up as a child He must also overcome his temper.
       The other main character is the mother who regrets having left her child and who now seeks forgiveness.She has always followed his career but never contacted him.
       But Jonathan must make the first step.
       The story is told in multiple viewpoint. Jonathan is the first person view point. Then there is the second person viewpoint that really is three diffferent people. One is the female reporter who is helping Jonathan locate the mother. Then there is a bit character, the pastor who sent Jonathan on the journey to Alaska where it all began.. Third character is the mother.
        I found this an interesting parable type template. I recommend this for anyone looking for a good story on the theme of forgiveness.
       This book was sent to me by Booksneeze for whom I am a book reviewer. All viewpolints are my own and do not represent the views of Booksneeze.

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