Saturday, October 15, 2011

Have I Got a Tale For You

       I would  venture to say that in most of us there is a story waiting to come out. A story that at least your grandmother or the people at work would be thrilled to hear.
    Maybe someone has said to you that something you said should be in a book and you should write it. Yet you hold back because you wonder who will publish it.
     When I was younger, and this was before ebooks or even the Internet, I had a subject I felt needed to be addressed. Never mind that there was a glut of books out there already on the subject. I decided that I was going to seek out a vanity publisher,--a subsidy press-- to get my booklet out there.
     And so we still have that avenue of publishing to consider. Today it is easier. We have the Internet and we can turn what we have written into an Ebook.
     Some self-published books do work. I understand that The Wizard of Oz was self published. Look how popular it  became and every book in the series after that was published under a publisher that paid the author.
    When we self-publish we, the author, have to pay to have it printed and distributed. And if it doesn't sell, we are stuck with the surplus.
     This may not be a worry in the Ebook realm.  But we still have to pay for the privilege to have our 'baby' set mto print.
      Luckily there are good places you can go. I don't know the prices. Ask once you have contacted them. I am sure that somewhere on this posting there is an ad. The Booksneeeze group I receive books to review from is affliated with a publisher. I am sure you can link up with the publisher they push.
      Enjoy reading. I plan to keep on recommending books and reviewing books.  

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