Thursday, October 6, 2011

Midnight Louie Solves Another

   As I have said, for relaxation I read mysteries. This is a series that I enjoy. It is the Midnight Louie Mystery series by Carole Nelson Douglas. Each book title features a letter of the alphabet. It starts with Catnip and Pussyfoot before starting the letters at Cat on a Blue Monday.
   What is enjoyable about these mysteries is it is told first person in places by the cat. He shares the rest of the book with humans. The human parts are in third person and usually  follows Temple Barr, the person Louie has chosen to adopt. If you are a cat owner you know what I just said. Temple has two male friends, Max and Matt. The detective is a Lt. Carmen Regina Molina. ( yes, Douglas breaks the rule not to have your main characters' names start with the same first letter so as not to confuse the reader. maybe she does this on purpose.) Temple is a PR person in Las Vegas who just happens to run across mysteries that Bound in the Casinos.The casinos are run by the mob. Well, the reformed gangsters
    This time someone is killing females and leaving Barbie dolls by the bodies. A elderly woman is being taken advantage of by her caretakers. The book is titled Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta.  Yes. we have gotten up to the Vs.
     It is lighthearted in places, but it is detailed and concerns the relations Barr has with her two male friends and with the Lt.
     Douglas also writes adventure stories concerning Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes.
     I prefer her Midnight Louie mysteries.
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