Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Think Act Believe Like Jesus by Randy Frazee

   You hear that a Christian is a person who follows Jesus as their Lord. To truly follow you need to have a life plan.
    Sometimes you wish there were a handy book with instructions concerning what that means. You are looking for something that can be digested in bite size portions.
    To truly think, act and believe like Jesus there are some basics. You don’t wish to make a fool of yourself. You wish to appear cool.
    You would need to have somewhat of a working knowledge of belief, practice and virtues. Your life will undergo a change.
    You would need a discipleship manual to help you.
     The Bible is sufficient but somewhat foreboding to most of us. A link or guide would be useful.
      Frazee has penned a book to help. We need to know what we believe. He offers ten belief areas along with ten practices and ten values. This is the discipleship book for small groups of new believers.
       I would recommend this not only for new converts but also for those of us who are farther along in the walk and need something to use to disciple others.
      This book was sent gratis from the book look blog for the purpose of reviewing. No requirement to review one way or another were set down, and the views expressed are those of the reviewer and not the publisher, which was Zondervan.
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Better and Faster by Jeremy Gutsche

  The world of commerce is made up of hunters and farmers.
    Farmers are basically people who take an idea and maintain the product and tend to protect the craft in hope of it replicating the success it once had.
    A hunter on the other hand will take the product and tweak it.  The author says, to win, you need to know where to hunt and how to leverage the momentum of your environment.
    A case in point is the present day Victoria’s Secret.
    Back in 1997 a man called Roy Raymond saw a need for a shop where men could come and buy lingerie for his loved one. He envisioned it as a guy-friendly place where men would be comfortable while their women shopped.
    Raymond launched a mail order catalog with pictures that that could be pinned up in locker rooms.
He marketed it to the wrong sex. It wasn’t until another retail magnate Leslie Wexner bought it from him that Victoria’s Secret found its audience.
    Wexner was a hunter type. He repositioned the catalog and redesigned the marketing to meet the woman’s eye.
     This book than details the contrast between the farmer type who is comfortable with things as they are since they have worked in the past and the hunter who is looking for opportunities to expand.
     Gutsche presents six patterns of opportunity that a hunter type should be aware of to master big forces and compete.
      I recommend this book for business entrepreneurs.
     I was sent this book free from blogging for to be reviewed and was not required to give a positive press. All opinions expressed are those of the reviewer and not that of the publisher.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Unoffendable by Brant Hansen

    There’s something powerful, and incredibly compelling, about someone who refuses to be offended.
     This is a statement Hansen makes in this book.
      Being this different is not normal. Everyday life comes at us and pushes us around. We feel important and are told to stand up for our rights.
      Anyway, if we are Christians we feel we represent God on this earth and must act in His behalf to modify the environment of other people.
      To be Unoffendable we have to realize that we have no real right to take offense with other people or their actions. We have to make a choice. It is a life style change. One must live of grace.
      Hansen leads us through many chapters helping us to apply the lifestyle choice. He uses short personal stories in a conversational style to illustrate his thesis that a Christian can be the most Unoffendable person on the planet.
      He is a radio personality and it shows in his style. All who pick up this book and read it will be able to understand what is being presented.
       It is for the Christian and should be shared in small groups
       I was sent this book free from book look bloggers  for the purpose of reviewing it on my blog and I was not required to give it a positive review. All views are mine.