Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Has God Spoken? by Hank Hanegraaff

   In twenty two chapters Hank Hanegraaff, the Bible Answer Man, has handled the theological area of the Bible's divine inspiration in an easy to read and understand manner. A person doesn't have to take a  seminary course to understand the doctrine.
   The book gives the reader facts that can be used in discussion with doubters, Hanegraaff gives us rules to follow as we read the Scriptures  He also includes a Bible study method called 'Legacy"we can use to read through the Bible in a years time.
    It is an enjoyable read. At times it makes one stop and think. After all, The Bible is a very important document and should be an ever present tool. This book provides the assurance needed for the "worker who does not need to be ashamed". Hanegraaff  has successfully conveyed this Biblical truth.
   It held my attention as this subject of the Bible and its veracity is important to me. A person wants to be assured that the tool he is using is the best it can be. The information presented is done in a progressive,well thought out fashion.
   I would recommend this book for the Christian as well as for the seeker.
    Booksneeze has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

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  1. I highly recommend reading a free online book titled "Duties of the Heart"


  2. Thank you for the recommendation. I will look for it. Enjoy reading.