Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Great Book For Cult Differences

    Hi. Decided I would share with you a great introduction to the general subject of what makes the difference between a Orthodox Christian Belief system and the belief systems of other religions. It looks at Roman Catholics and Jews. Not that they are cults. But they don't really come up to Orthodoxy. That is in section one.
   Before section one we are given a chapter on Orthodox beliefs so we will have a basis to talk from. Ridenour calls it a Plumbline.
   Section two covers the major religions of the world. Judaism. Islam. Hinduism. Buddism.
   Section Three covers the major cults. Unitarians. Jehovah Witnesses. Christian Science. Mormonism.
   The New Age which is an explosion of Hinduism is not covered.
    I recommend this as a good introductory book.
   Please feel free to comment. I will respond. And keep on reading.

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