Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Nurses by Alexandra Robbins

This is one book to be read by all who are going to find themselves in a hospital. And that means all of us.
Sometime you are going to need health care. Maybe an ER visit or a delivery of a baby, or a  gang incident.
We are all going to be in a hospital sooner or later.
This narrative centers on the nurse. It concerns her interaction with the patient and the doctors and other staff.
I suspect the three hospitals used are a composite and the three nurses named are also.
Reading this book and walking in the shoes of the health care professional gives a person appreciation for staff.
Yes, there is tradition  and politics that enter in. The author does her best to expose the problem while at the same time calming the reader.
Drug addiction, wrong drug orders, the tendency of doctors to act as "gods" as well as the hazing that goes on makes it pretty clear a person entering this field does not do it for fame. There has to be a calling.
The burn out rate is high. The respect is low. But to those who last it appears to me they are to be put on pedestals and given a parade.
In fact I liked it so much I am going to give you a link to where you can get your own copy.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Mask by Tayor Stephens

   Some people like their novels rough. They seem to like these books hard hitting and gross. They seem to like strong female protagonists. You have it here.
   This is the sixth in the Vanessa Michael Munroe Novel series and it tends to be more of the same. If you like tame, this is not the series for you. Yet if you like your suspense fiction fast paced, this may be the one for you.
   This episode takes place in Japan.  Munroe has time now to spend time with her lover Miles Bradford. When all of a sudden Miles is arrested for a murder that may have been self defense        Munroe has to discover the facts and free him. She faces opposition.
   The deeper she goes to discover the facts, the more danger she finds herself in.
   In this genre there are cozies, suspense, thrillers and hard boiled. If you are a connoisseur of cozies, this is not the book for you.
   Stevens does a good job of pulling you in. She presents a solid character in Monroe, a female who makes things happen. Not a pushover. Not someone you would like to get on the bad side of.
   This series is for adults. It could also be enjoyed by arm chair thrill seekers. We all to a certain extent like these types of novels so we can play the game with the author as to who done it and why.
   This book was sent to me gratis from the publisher as part of the review program of blogging for books.com. I was not required to give a positive review. Any views expressed are those of the reviewer and not those of the publisher.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Read This And Things May Be Better Than Before

For those of us who are bothered by our habits here is a book for us.
We are creatures of habit. Habits can help and they can hinder us. Habits can speed time or slow time.
Habits are the architecture of life. Studies have shown that 40 percent of our behavior is repeated daily and mostly in the same context. So if we wish to change our life we should look at chancing our habits.
Rubin has written a book to help us use our habits to make the best life possible for ourselves. Change habits and change life. This may be the right book to have in your library to help you  
Habits are able to help us be as near perfect as we can be.
It is not always easy to modify our habits. If it were everyone would be doing it and there would be no reason for anyone to write a whole 295 page book. Everyone would follow a magic formula and all would be right with the world.
To change we must first know a bit about ourselves. Humans can’t be put in a compartment and mass produced. We are all in one way different and in another way the same. We are all unique like everybody else.
Rubin suggests we all have temperaments that place us in one of four types. The types are Upholders, Questioners, Obligers, and rebels. None wrong, just the way you form habits. She presents twenty-one habit changing strategies that can allow a person to put the new self knowledge gained by reading this book.
Read this book and see if maybe you can master your habits and change your life to something better than before.
That is Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. It is put out by Crown Publishers.
You can get it from Amazon.com at this link below:
Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Art of Work by Jeff Goins

      When a person is sent a book concerning the philosophy of work just what is a reviewer to do? Try to understand the message behind the writing.
      One point seems to be that work can be viewed as a calling—a vocation.  
      It has been said that we are all products of our environment influenced by the people we encounter and the places we live. I am not sure I buy that. But I do know we can become what we practice.
      Greatness comes when we persevere at what we do. According to the author we can look at life as a journey and within this journey we are on we have a calling to do something with ourselves.
      That calling has a specific meaning that fills a need. Awareness of being called to something is the start. Trial and error and failing is part of the journey. This calling will not always be easy and it will take work. As we practice, we find out what we are meant or not meant to do.
      Goins uses the template of a path that starts with an urge that only you can fulfill. In seven chapters and in 191 pages with an appendix he gently guides you to view your work vocation.
      This book was sent to me gratis from Nelson Books as part of the book look bloggers review program to be reviewed. The views expressed are those of the reviewer and not those of the publisher.