Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Plain Choice by Sherry Gore

Every once in a while people decide when it comes to worshiping their God and creator the plain way far outweighs the rules and regulations perceived in other forms of worship. By plain way is meant a simpler life. A life where cars and technology have not been allowed to blunt meaning.
  Meaning is not found in having things or being a certain way. It is found in being at peace with self and at peace with your Creator. If it is found for you in a simple life or a plan choice such as lived by the group of people known as Amish or Mennonite, so be it.
  Gore in this memoir shares with us her faith journey. It wasn’t easy but she is content with her plan choice.
  The life style is not for everyone. Gore is not writing for that reason. She is sharing how she found peace.
   I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys inspiring and informative life enhancing reading.
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9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage by Sheila Wray Gregoire

  It seems there are many secrets to making a good marriage greater. For true intimacy and joy in marriage you will be told, there are steps that must be taken. The motivation for the marriage must be challenged.
   Is that true? Do you really need to know everything before you can have that marriage you want?
   These aren’t secrets. They are plainly thoughts that when considered maybe could help you.
   Your reviewer is male so I could be missing something here.  Since this book is written from one woman to another woman it sometimes goes over my head. But the principles are firm. They can be formed from the principles of the Bible. It isn’t that men are slow. We just think differently from women.
  Women are made to be responders. These thoughts will help the responding mechanism. Men would also be wise in taking a look at the principles presented.
   Gregoire knows what she is talking about . She has a happy marriage to test this on. She has decided to share it with the female .
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