Friday, October 21, 2011

Graphic Novels

   First off let me say I am not a fan of graphic novels.. those stories told in picture form and placed between two covers to appear in the booksores such a Hi Dee Hoo and other comic collection outlets. I do enjoy Superman and Batman graphic novels. I don't care for those that show out right violence such as people being shot and blood splatting out. The Dark Knight interpretation of Batman are graphic enough.
     There is an ap offered  for the Ipad that covers comics collectors. I may not have a use for it as I am not a fan. I prefer holding a hard cover book I can slowly read through and use my own imagination. Graphic Novels tend to short circuit the imagination, I feel.
    If you wish to see literature in comic form you can see if Classic Illustrated is still around. They did books and condensed the story line to fit between two comic book covers. I recall using them to short circuit my reading for book reports required in English class. Not a good idea. And the teahers seemed to know when a child was using that shortcat.
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