Monday, October 31, 2011

Look at "Invisible"

   I have found a book on my Kindle that is delightful. It is part of a mystery series. It is called "Invisible; An Ivy Malone Mystery" by Lorena McCourtney.
   It is told in first person. Ivy is a senior citizen who has the habit of getting involved in mysteries. It starts out with someone pulling down grave stones and escalates to a mystery as to who her friend at the senior center was... The story follows the formula of  detective, police official , victim, and murderer In this case the detective is Ivy, a bit more involved than Miss Marple, who was also a senior citizen who some how always managed to get involved in a mystery. . All the deaths are off stage so we don't have blood and gore. It is the type of story that is classified as a cozy.
   Ivy feels invisible. very few people notice the elderly. This helps her to be places and over hear conversations. 
   The Christian community needs well written books in each genre. This one is a good addition to that venture.

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