Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Shattered by Jonathan Allen & Amie Parnes

Shattered is aptly named because this is the story of what turned out to be the Clinton run for president in 2016.

Trump is in. Hillary somehow missed the mark. What happened and why?

Critics saw her reluctance to use “we” --like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and so many other candidates did—as evidence that her campaign was all about her, the book says. She would tend to speak about “I’ and “you” but almost never “we”

Also, she never took the blame for what happened. The email problem was not because she disclosed classified information on a non-government server. Oh, no. It was a private server, she says.  For a smart woman, she must have known that any cyber-message becomes cyber-junk. Anyone can read it.

 And her opponent in Bernie Sanders drew her away from her message.

The major problem was that Hillary couldn’t flex. She felt the rules of what worked in the past would work today. She also had a temper that is unbecoming of a candidate.

Allen and Parnes write a chronological structured account of the campaign run by Hillary. It is a book for those who want a report of just how Hillary ran her race.

I felt satisfied. I think if you were to read this book you would be also.

This book was sent to me gratis from Blogging for Books to be reviewed.

The book is published by Crown and retails for $28.00.


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