Monday, July 31, 2017

The Power of Off by Nancy Colier

This is a thought provoking  book about a problem that is very current.
Have you ever gone to a concert and in the middle of one of the movements someone's beeper went off?
Or gone out to eat and your date had to bring along her smartphone or ipad? And all during the date had to keep checking the device?
That was very disrespectful wasn't it?  How important did you feel?
 It seems we have become people attached by an invisible umbilical cord.
 Attention is how we show others that they matter. When we are paid attention to it also shows we matter.
 Face to face interaction takes time and energy, focus and presence. Theses are things lacking when we communicate only by text and voice messages, A real  relationship can not be established.
Nancy Colier is a psychotherapist who notices that when you add a device to the interaction you are putting up a barrier to revealing yourself. A protective field, so to speak.
   I call it a virtual border. It is hard to relate to someone when you can't see the body language.
  The advice is to turn off the device. Leave it for a couple of hours. Very little is going to go wrong if you are not in possession of the device.
  It all comes down to our use of technology seems to create and intensify our inability to commit.
  Also it tends to hurt our memory
. It used to be you used your brain to store facts. Now a person stores the information on the device. For example, you have a problem when someone asks you for your phone number and you have to consult your smartphone for it.
   It can be controlled and you can get your life back. Read this book and share what you learn with others.
   Face to face, not on your device.

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