Friday, May 19, 2017

Post Christian

   Every once in while the people of God need to read books like this to see what we need to be doing. 
   We need to know the spiritual needs of the present generation. We need to practice discipleship. We need to reach our world one person at a time for Jesus Christ.
   Post Christian is written by a nerd for the general public. It is not a handbook for the selected few. Everyone needs to read it. Piatt even quotes Austin Power’s father who is not in any way to be considered Christian. And Powers is definitely a nerd.
   As people in this Post Christian world we need to find that dream upon which we can hang our hopes and rest. We have to orientate ourselves to a way without the benefits of seeing the destination in the distance.
   Abraham in the book of Genesis did so and was rewarded.
   We need to show people how to make the leap to faith required, trusting that in doing so we will find God in the process, Piatt suggests.
   It is also pointed out what truth is not. In fact, Piatt records, truth is not propositional. It can’t be encapsulated in an argument or justified with force.
   Truth is seen in a life style.
   Just what is the way to reach the Post Christian world? This book in seventeen chapters explores that question. A person may have to leave themselves vulnerable. But that may be what the Post Christian world is looking for.
  It is published by Jericho Books and retails for $20.00

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