Thursday, April 27, 2017

You Know BC and AD

   Once again I will be reviewing a book handed to me at the Los Angeles Book Festival. This one is a delightful tale covering the period before the creation of man and the creation of the angels.
    I expected this to be somewhat like The Screwtape Letters which C. S. Lewis penned.
    Not quite. This book in a creative manner attempts to explain what heaven and the angels were like before Lucifer fall.   Or you could see it as using God and the angels as a family. The angels seem to have rivalry going on. On that level it also works.Or the author wants to show a  family that has troubles,maybe, this is a creative way to do it.
     It is not meant to be an angelology--that minor doctrine which covers the angels in Christian theological studies. It is meant to be a fun book.
    I myself found it very disrespectful both of the spiritual creatures that inhabit the spiritual realm and the Godhead. But as for the purpose of entertainment, it does a good job.
    You can tell it is self published, as the manuscript is poorly constructed and in need of a final proofreading. The word to and too were confused. Transitions were weak.
    As a story, the suspense also was weak. Even books looking at events with a touch of humor need that element.
   More respect needed to be shown to the Godhead. Nevertheless I am sure Carothers didn’t mean to write more than a piece of Christian Fantasy Fiction, as stated in her preface.
   She writes well and knows her subject. There really is not much out there about that time period to help in her research. So her imagination had to take over. For that she should be congratulated. She did it.
   She used Xlibris as her self publisher.
   Information about Xlibus can be found at: or the book can be purchased at:

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