Monday, April 3, 2017

Unlock Your Dream by Philip Wagner

   Everyone has a dream. There is no one who hasn’t a dream. We all strive for something.
   As a child it may be to be like our dad. We may wish to someday help others. Or make enough money to be able to finance a big project.
   We soon realize following a dream is hard work. Bur dreams are not unique to us. Everyone has one and that one dream may lead to another.
   Dreamers need others. We are not meant to dream in solitude. Our dreams for significance need someone else to cheer you on- to tell you you can make it.
   You don’t need someone to dowse your dream or add fear. The fear of duplicating the past is a great dream killer. But even with fear you need to know it cannot disqualify your dream.
   This book offers you encouragement. Each one of us has a purpose—an assignment to complete. Wagner acts as a cheerleader if you need one. But mostly, Wagner helps the reader to be able to help others make the dream they have a reality.
   It is written for the Christian who needs encouragement to keep on striving. But the general public would enjoy it also.
   This book was sent to me gratis by for the purpose of reviewing and posting to my book blog. No obligation was stated to slant the review. The conclusions reached are those of the reviewer and not necessarily those of the publisher.
   The book is published by Waterbrook and sells for $19.99

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