Thursday, May 1, 2014

When We Were on Fire by Addie Zierman you ever felt you didn’t fit in with your fellow believers?  Have you ever questioned your belief system? Have you been puzzled by the terms you use?
  This is a memoir of a person who grew up in a Christian environment, the expectations of her group, the teachings, the life style, and her journey to a place where she was her own person.
   Clichés have the ability to turn into movements and become culturally accepted.  Soon words get redefined and lose meaning.
   Zierman became a Christian at the age of five. Her life was lived in a Christian ghetto of terms and expectations.  She got caught up in the fervor of the 90’s Jesus movement and the expected lifestyle.
   Her journey out of the cocoon to a life of her own is handled well.
   The first chapter reads like a dream sequence, but it is important. From chapter two on we are in first person viewpoint. Zierman takes us through the teen years and into married life. Her search for an acceptable church will be sure to stir recognition.
    Her faith had to grow to where she could handle life. All Christians need to get to that place     
     This journey had to be told. I feel there is a little journey in all of us that we take when we become related to God through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.  Reading Zierman in places makes you laugh and in other places makes you cringe. But it is realistic.
     She has a blog that you can visit at This link
     This book was received for free from Blogging For Books for this review. Any viewpoints expressed are those of the reviewer and don’t reflect the views of the publisher.

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