Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Psychopath Whisperer by Kent A. Kiehl, Ph.D.

        What does it take to be a criminal psychopath? Or even a person who works with these members of society?   
There is something different about your brain and the brain of your neighborhood psychopath. It can be seen using an MRI.
        The subtitle to this book is: ‘The Science of Those without Conscience. Dr. Kiehl details in this book his studies in what makes a psychopath. He majored in the study of people in maximum security prisons and postulated that if he could map the brain using an MRI you could see there was a difference in areas of the brain that may be the indication of problems.
        This is in the psychology genre. It will satisfy those people who enjoy reading stories of advances in care of the mentally ill.
        Kiehl details his fascination with the brain of psychopaths. He mentions his studies to get his degrees while working in the maximum security prisons with psychopaths, trying to understand  their thought processes. He even went so far as to develop a mobile MRI machine to scan their brains.
        Luckily less than 1 percent of the general population fit this criteria.
        I have been interested in psychology for a while and found this book a bit disturbing. It is not easy reading but still fascinating. It will meet the need of those who follow this subject as part of their occupation.
        I was sent this book free from WaterBrooks Publishers 
as a member of the blog reviewers. I was not required to give a positive review and the opinions expressed are those of the reviewer and not of the publisher.

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