Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Wealth Of My Mother's Wisdom by Terrance J.

   Every once in a while a book comes along that must be read for the pure joy of taking in the wisdom contained between bookends.
            This is one wise lady. She is honored by her son sharing her with the reading public.
            Terrence’s mother, Lisa, will not be found in a Hall of Fame. She may not even be as wise as your idea of wisdom. But she instilled in her son honor for women and pushed him to succeed and led by example. She gave him a work ethic that we need to duplicate.
It wasn’t easy. She didn’t make it to college. She got pregnant and gave birth at seventeen. So she missed out on formal education—that between the walls of institutions. But she had had smarts and never let life get her down..
            The main story line of this book is Terrence’s journey shared with a young girl at a Boys and Girls Club. She is seventeen and unwed but expecting. This composite female s looks to him as a mentor. He is trying to instill in her that life is not easy. That if you really want something and you work at it hard enough, you will get it. That a dream is worth pursuing no matter the obstacles. .
            Meanwhile, she has to drop out of school because she gets pregnant by a young man who is not really a good possibility for a father. This young lady has potential. Her dream is to be a fashion designer. But with the baby she has to put her plans on hold.
            Terrance tells the stories his mother told him as he struggled to become what he is today. Each chapter ends with a comment by his mother and a comment by another man about the mother who raised him.
            The book has a photo album in the middle.
            Motherhood brings with it wisdom that needs to be passed on. Terrence J. has done a good job.  It should be read by all who need a bit of motivation to keep on keeping on.
 The subtitle is “The Lessons That Made My Life Rich.” Maybe it can do the same for you.
 If you want a copy I will give you this link to Amazon.
The Wealth of My Mother's Wisdom: The Lessons That Made My Life Rich

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