Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Hope Quotient by Ray Johnston

        It is one thing we all need. Without it there just is no reason to plan. All our thoughts and actions depend on this one little aspect of life. That is the small but powerful emotion of hope.
        This is something that permeates our whole life—our finances, our work environment, our marriages. There is nothing more important. Without hope there is no future.
         If we don’t have it at the moment we can develop it. It may even be the one most important thing you can develop.
        Johnston in this book lays out the seven factors needed to change a life of discouragement to a life of hope. After all, hope can set you free. Discouragement destroys and hope can come in and liberate.
        The seven factors hope is built on are easy to follow.. Putting them in your life, according to Johnston, will be an adventure.
        He includes a link to an assessment test on the flyleaf of the book so that you can have a benchmark to work with as you read through the text and apply the different factors to your life.       
        I found this to be a refreshing and creative way to handle the theme of hope. It would have been useful for me as I struggled. It is here now and welcome to my library.
        I would suggest it be in the library of every counselor and handed out to the seekers who come to him.
I review for BookLook Bloggers        This book was sent to me free from to be reviewed as part of their book review bloggers program I was not required to give a positive review and any opinion expressed is that of the reviewer and not that of the publisher.

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