Saturday, December 10, 2011

Still a Good Series

   You don't hear much about her anymore. She seems not to have kept her blog up. I have no idea if she is writing another book. I am speaking about Rochelle Krich Her last one I am aware of is Now you See Me which was quite a few years ago.
      I sued to be book review editor for the Santa Monica Daily Press until it was decided that there was no need for a book reviewer column in that paper. Book Reviews seem to be the first thing to go when there is a need to cut back in the cost. Not that I was being paid for the reviews. They were carried without reimbursement. I got to keep the books I reviewed and/or picked up for review from the newspaper site here in the city of Santa Monica..
     Anyway, I haven't heard from her. I think she was thinking of allowing me to review her next book. I do do on- line reviews. I do both Booksneeze which is Thomas Nelson's and am starting Multinomah book publisher.
     Krich is a good writer of the mystery genre and unless she is dead should continue.

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