Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Read

   I found a good book in my library. I tend to read for information. I like to read these types of books to clear out my mind between fiction. This book How to Read and Why by Harold Bloom is refreshing. It was published in 2000-- the turn of the century (I have always wanted to say that and now I have)
   He points out that books should be read for the purest of reasons,which is to discover and augment the self.
                           "Information is endlessly available to us; where shall wisdom be found?"
    He discusses the works of some writers whom he admires. You will find Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, William Faulkner used.
    You can also look at my web page http://www.turbo642.com/ for further help. It, of course,. is a book web site full of information and help.
     Stay with me. Enjoy my love for books and reading.
     What have you been reading lately? Comment and let us talk.

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