Sunday, December 4, 2011

A New Site

      I just want the readers of this blog to know  that I have a web page concerning information on books and things pertaining to books. It is
      This is a blog.
      That is my information page.
       I am currently reading a J.D. Robb book, her latest in the Death series. It is called New York To Dallas.
      It is known that the authors real name is Nora Roberts, a fair writer in the romance genre. Authors do things like this-- write in other genrbooks es under pen names. I enjoy her romance but even more her mystery series. She mixes romance with mystery in this series. It is set, all the series, in the future, around 2060. The main character ,Eve Dallas, is married and horny as all get out. But the job as detective Lieutenant comes first
      In this book she runs into a character from her past. He seeks revenge for her putting him in prison. She must put hiom back in before he kills and rapes more women.
     Maybe not your type of mystery fiction. that's okay.
     Keep reading my posts and I will keep on reviewing and letting you see what I am reeading. Deal?


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