Monday, November 7, 2011

Self Publish Route

  I am sure many of us have stories to tell and wish there was a way we could get the story on paper and from there on to the publisher who will publish our book. That is a nice target to go for. Sometimes there is a need within a human being to see our words in print and we don't mind having to pay someone to do it.
  That is where the self publishing company comes in.
   I went that route once when I was younger. Not having much money I decided to go with a plan cover.. no illustration. Just the name. It was a small booklet really, and they did a good job. I don't remember what press it was. It was so long ago. Just htat I was sarisfied.
    I had to walk it around myself and get to book events by myself. It is a lot of work but for a person that is a go getter and doesn't mind long hours and lots of people contact, it can be done.
    Keep reading. Follow me and become a member. Make comments and let me know if there is any books you wish me to look at and comment on. If at all possible I will do so.

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