Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lakers Score

Back on April 2, 2010  my book review on "50 Amazing Years in The City Of the Angels" by the Los Angeles Times Sport Staff was published in the Santa Monica Daily Press. This is a collectors item. They haven't always been on the winning end of the game. And with the recent mishaps they may not be on the winning end this year. But when it comes to history and basketball, the Lakers are a team to be looked up to.
 Basketball is a contact sport. The price of being a winning team is high.
 What I liked about this book is the collection in one place of all the columns detailing their long history in the sport. The time period covered in this table sized book is from 1960 to 2009.
  The losing years are detailed here also. but along with that is a recap of the recouping and effort to be number one for so many years.
Columns by Jim Murry, Ted Green,  Scott Howard Cooper.. they are all here. And the pictures from Times achieves makes this a must have for sports fans.

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