Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dekker's new Book

In a place far away
   At least I think it is his new book. He is such a prolific writer at the moment, it seems to me. Since I pick up his books at the Santa Monica Library and it appeared in the new book section, I think it is new.
   It's The Priest's Graveyard  and I have always enjoyed his writing style. Tight. Good charaters. Concerning the battle between good and evil in the world.
   This concerns a priest who is going around cleansing the world of bad people. A priest who acts like the grim reaper. He meets up with a young woman who has been ill treated and now has the goal to destroy the man who abused her.
     I am still in the midst of reading it so I don't know how it works out, but the two of them are on a vengence kick. I suspect if it follows the resolution of his other novels, good will win out in the end, Although I wonder about the message that it is okay to take the law in your own hands when it comes to evil.
     Dekker handles the subject well and it is a good read for those who like this type of story.

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