Monday, August 22, 2011

Death of an outlet

Sad to say but I have just been informed by Daniel A.of the Santa Monica Daily Press, our Santa Monica paper, that he has decided to stop carrying the book review column in the paper. This means there are going to be many in the area who are not going to be able to have good books reviewed.
Book reading is not dead. If you don't have a hard cover or paperback book you could have an EReader. These people still need a good book reviewer
 Be that as It may be, this makes it more important that I keep this blog up.
  Presently I am sitting keyboarding this in our local library. I am surrounded by books. True, there are books on tape and CDs and  other medias here. Yet there are books here. Hard cover. Soft cover. Graphic books. Dictionaries. And so on
  Reading is important. The reason we read is for information and for entertanment. Hopefully when we get out of school we keep reading.
  People will tell you that it was the required reading in school that killed or lessened their love of reading. True, Dickens will not be a favorite of mine anymore. I have reread Christmas Carol again. A Tale of Two Cities is still out there for EBooks. But you don't have to read them now that they are not on your English teachers recommended list.:-)
 That was just an example. I am sure  you have many more you have no desire to go back and read. I don't blame you.
 Keep reading and write back to me. Leave a comment and I will respond.

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