Monday, December 19, 2016

Strengths Based Marriage by Jimmy Evans

Better relationship

   Each one of us has a bundle of strengths that we carry into our marriages. Knowing these straights will help you better to know yourself and your spouse. We all have twenty-four but the top five are the ones we should get most acquainted with. Your strengths will not match hers and this is where the fun begins.
   And the battles steam from this fact also.
   The book is written by two people who can help you understand yourself and your spouse in the strength area you bring into the relationship.
   Jimmy Evans has a television program he does with his wife concerning marriage. Allan Kelsey brings the certification for Gallup Strengths and therefore relates as a couch. They both try to break new ground in helping the reader understand where the strengths are and how they can be used in marriage.
   Each chapter concludes with a short questionnaire to help you think about what was covered.
   Don’t be one of those marriages that break up.
   The whole thesis is based on the results you can get when you take the Gallup’s Strengths finder 2.0 assessment. The details of how to get the assessment is listed at the end of the book as well as the place you can go to see a group of  seminars on Marriage Today held by Jimmy Evans and his wife.
   I recommend this book for marriage counselors. It is not very useful for premarital sessions.
   Booklook Bloggers. Com sent me this book gratis in order to review it. There were no handles attached to it. All conclusions are those of the reviewer.

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