Friday, December 2, 2016

Crisis of Character by Gary J. Byrne

   Will the truth ever get out of what went on during the Clinton presidency? As for legacy, time will tell what was left. But there will be lots of details for future biographers to glean the facts from. But one thing is sure, people don’t charge. The past is a true indicator of the future.
   Having been a Secret Service uniformed officer serving under the Clinton’s, Gary J. Byrne ought to be able to properly inform us of what Hillary would have been as a President -- if elected in 2016.
   The Hillary we saw during the election period is not the Hillary we would have in the White House, Byrne states. He observes she simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office.
   He saw her volcanic, impulsive, and treating her secret service detail as furniture. He saw her cold yet able to play warm when it came to acceptance by crowds. But she was able to switch when crowds and cameras depart.
   She was always able to, pardon the phrase, turn shit into gold.
   Why would Byrne write another book about the Clintons? Don’t we have enough?
   The reason is, we should know what we would have gotten in another Clinton Presidency. We need to be warned about what we would have had. We would have had someone who, like her husband, Bill, doesn’t play by the rules, making them up to suit the event.  By looking at Bill’s years and Hillary’s part in them we should see a good picture of what could be with her in power.
   You can know a person by what he or she does. Hillary has a record. We need to pay attention to her actions.
   Byrne worked close to both the Clintons. He observed them as he had to protect them.
Bill Clinton was pure Teflon when it came to scandals. Byrne says President Clinton could charm a rock. Yet at the same time he treated those who were protecting him as dirt.
   “He never apologized to us,” Byrne says about the Monica Lewinsky affair. “”He never apologized for putting us in that position….Not only did he never apologized for costing the taxpayers, the Justice Department, the Secret Service, his staff, his constituents, or anyone for putting them through the ringer.
   “He wanted us to believe he was sorry for embarrassing his family, Chelsea and Hillary.”   
   Hillary in her small way is carrying on the Clinton Tradition. Her style is to deny and push the blame on to others. An example is her phrasing her opposition as “the right wing conspiracy”, if there is such a group.
   Mostly this book is about how the Clinton’s operated during their years in the White House It is all here, the scandals, the denials. The pressure this put upon the staff around them.
    Hillary has, according to Byrne a “just get it done” leadership style. Which means that she doesn’t care how a thing works. She uses plausible deniability when faced with problems. Just remember her email and her statement that it was private email-- as if anything in cyberspace is private.
   It seems to run in the family.
   I feel this book should be placed alongside the other books covering the Clintons.
   It is published by Hachette Book Group, Inc and is eighteen chapters long with an afterword.  The price is around $27.00

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