Saturday, November 7, 2015

When Lions Roar by Thomas Mailer

    Parents influence their children. They have as long as time has existed. Two families of the twentieth century have to a major extent defined the period. I am talking about the families of the Churchill’s and Kennedy’s. They are now characters of history.
    History has always been an interest of mine. It shows where we have come from and the basis for our present civilization.
    In this large book or over 700 pages with notes and an extensive bibliography Mailer informs us of the influence of Churchill and Kennedy from the Second World War through the presidency of JFK.
    The two great heads of each clan had off springs. What the parents did to influence events and what the children did is the basis for the whole story.
    And the part of the grand story that concerns Winston Churchill has been one of the areas of great interest. His prodigy never seemed able to live in his shadow.
    Also there was the influence of Joe Kennedy Sr. He was not so pure as you would think. But he was single minded and achieved his goal.
    I feel this easy to read historical volume will be a great addition to the massive collection of these two families. It is more concerned with the families imprint on the era than the addition of new facts to the time period covered.
    This book was sent to me free from Blogging for for the purpose of review. There was no requirement that I give a positive review. All opinions are those of the reviewer and not of the publisher.

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