Monday, November 23, 2015

When God Calls by Robert Shipp

   This is a self published book. There is nothing wrong with self publishing when you have a story to tell the nation.  
   It is the story of a young man who grew up in Venice, California in the Hood. In order to survive he had to become a gang member and later leader. His gang was the Venice Shoreline Crips.
   God had a plan for him and it was not to stay in the hood and become the bad dude of Venice. It was to become a Child of His and to be a minister, helping others to become followers of Jesus.
   The writing is erratic and the transitions are poor. This is to be expected of a first book. Shipp has a story to tell with a large panorama and his writing is urgent. The sense I get is that he feels the time is short and the message must be proclaimed.
   He knew the right things to do and how to blend with church people. He could adapt. And one day he heard the way to be rightly related to God. He became a Christian.
   But he still had to make the choice of how he wanted to live. Life didn’t suddenly become easy.
   Shipp moves from the past to the present in the telling of the story. He wants the world to know that he has changed and how they also can be changed.
   This book is a gripping book and it does not sugar coat the struggle.
   I would recommend this book which can be purchased on line. Amazon has it for Kindles also.

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