Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Entitlement Cure by Dr. John Townsend

    It is a problem we have now. It is the feeling someone owns you a good life without you having to give anything in return. The scary thing to realize is that all of us to a certain extent carry around entitlement feelings
   A person must realize there are two ways to go face to face with daily life. You could decide to roll up your sleeve and work to get what you need or you could take the laid back easy way of taking shortcuts to get rewarded.
   There is a song that has the words “nothing comes from nothing. Nothing ever will.” This is true.
   One way is known as the hard way and the other is just drifting.
   There are things that can be done to counteract the entitlement feelings. Dr. John Townsend offers this book and suggestions for that reason.
   This is an easy read and also a probing read. A person may see himself in the discussion. This is good. If you can identify, you can change.
   Townsend develops the problem and offers an easy to follow cure in fifteen chapters. All humans need to read this book. It may be exactly what they have been looking for.
   This book was sent to me free from book look bloggers for the purpose of review. 
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