Thursday, August 6, 2015

7 Secrets To An Awesome Marriage by Kim Kimberling, PhD

   We all enter marriage with blinders and expectations. We figure we can wing it and all will be fine. We feel if there are problems it is the other person who brought it about.
   Our childhood instills in us an idea of what life is suppose to be and we drag these ideas into our relationship with others.  These expectations can turn into insanities often oblivious to us.
When we look for a mate we will drag these expectations into the relationship.
   So what is this book about and why should you be reading it?
   First off you must admit there is a problem and it can be fixed. Kimberling presents you with 7 secrets to help patch the insanity.
   Secondly, love, it has been said, can be blind. That may be so. But living with a person in marriage is not a state to be in with blinders on.
   The seven secrets will help make the marriage enduring. Average or below average just won’t cut it.
   I recommend this book for all premarital classes or even for any person seeking a better relationship. Dr. Kimberling is a professional counselor and knows what he is talking about.
   I received this book gratis for review from
  You can buy your copy at this link:
7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage: Strengthen Your Most Intimate Relationship

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