Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Through a Man's Eyes by Shaunti Feldhahn & Craig Gross

   I have some good news. Males, we are normal. There is nothing wrong with us When it comes to our response to a female, we are normal. Our response to the sight of a female is wired into us.
   We are different from a female. Despite what you have been told by the media, it has always been this way. Males are not broken or obsessed. Males are visual and see the world through the prism of sight. They live in a culture filled with many images that are best kept for private viewing.
   So men, have you wished there was a book you could give to your girlfriend or wife that would help them understand you when it comes to your visual nature? Here it is.
   It is published by Multnomah Press so it is sound. There is no weird off the wall details to cloud the issue.
   Each chapter examines the unique wiring nature of the male as a diamond appraiser would the diamond.
   This book is subtitled helping Women Understand the Visual Nature of Men. It does a good job.
   As it is written for the female to better understand her man It is suggested the man read this book first and then give it to his wife to read. After this, not before, you can have your discussion.
I highly recommend this book for that pre-marital session.
   This book was sent to me gratis for the purpose of reviewing by blogging for Any opinions expressed are those of the reviewer and not the publisher.

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