Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Nurses by Alexandra Robbins

This is one book to be read by all who are going to find themselves in a hospital. And that means all of us.
Sometime you are going to need health care. Maybe an ER visit or a delivery of a baby, or a  gang incident.
We are all going to be in a hospital sooner or later.
This narrative centers on the nurse. It concerns her interaction with the patient and the doctors and other staff.
I suspect the three hospitals used are a composite and the three nurses named are also.
Reading this book and walking in the shoes of the health care professional gives a person appreciation for staff.
Yes, there is tradition  and politics that enter in. The author does her best to expose the problem while at the same time calming the reader.
Drug addiction, wrong drug orders, the tendency of doctors to act as "gods" as well as the hazing that goes on makes it pretty clear a person entering this field does not do it for fame. There has to be a calling.
The burn out rate is high. The respect is low. But to those who last it appears to me they are to be put on pedestals and given a parade.
In fact I liked it so much I am going to give you a link to where you can get your own copy.

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