Friday, September 12, 2014

The Book Of Revelation Made Clear by Tim LaHaye

Here is yet another attempt by a Bible teacher to explain the book of the Revelation. You may ask yourself, why?
There is a need, it seems, for clarity centered on the last book of the Bible. This book is said to reveal things to come.  It is the only book in the second half of the Bible that is totally prophetic.
Since Jesus Himself offers a blessing to those who read and hear the words of this book it is helpful to be able to understand it. In the understanding we must keep in mind symbolism.
Symbolism can be explained. LaHaye is presenting his understanding of the symbolism.
This explanation of the book is laid out in small bite –size chunks starting with a three question quiz followed by the scripture passage followed by the explanation. Answers to the quiz follow each segment.
You have to understand that the interpretive grid used is one of a conservative historical-grammatical lens.
What I like is how LaHaye reminds us the book is best understood by cross referencing it with the Hebrew Scriptures as well as the Gospels. It is using the principle of scripture interpreting scripture.
LaHaye gives us a reasonable and easy to digest presentation.
I would recommend this for an introductory look at the book. Scholars will not find a lot here but Bible study groups may.
I was sent this book gratis from the Book Look Bloggers for the purpose of reviewing it. I was not required to give a positive review. Any viewpoint expressed is that of the reviewer and not that of the publisher.
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