Thursday, October 25, 2012

Once Upon A Secret By Mimi Alford

            Secrets when kept have a habit of destroying other relationships.
She was naive thinking that she could be alone with the president and he would not have sex on his mind.  She was only nineteen at the time and had no experience. It was 1962 and sex was not spoken of .She was able to hide it. deep in herself but it cost her dearly.
            This isn't just another tell all book. In fact I feel that  Alford would not be telling this today if she didn’t feel it was better to let the secret out.
            It overshadowed her first marriage and she admits that the secret hurt her marriage. “Tony was never able to trust me completely after that day”
It was while watching the funeral procession of Kennedy at Tony’s parents house that she broke down and told Tony of her affair. He told her to keep it a secret. She obeyed. Tony.
            It changed the way she acted toward her self and circumstances. It did not leave her happy. She had to learn how to hide her secret behind a placid façade.
            The style of this book is easy to read. Alford leads you gently through the incident with Kennedy and the aftermath of the affair. This book is published  2012. From 1963 to 2012 she only let a few people know. It remained a secret. It continued to effect her life.
This book is a book for people who need to know what keeping a secret can do to a person. Alford is brave in finally sharing it..

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