Monday, October 8, 2012

Live Young Forever by Jack LaLanne

  He is gone now but on his 95th year he wrote this book. It is a good inforamative lifesytle plan.
   He wasn't always what you remember him as.. a brash but good looking fitness guru. He started out as an out of fitness kid. Eating the wrong things. Doing the wrong things. Until he attended a lecture on fitness that got his attention.
    It was LaLanne who introduced most if not all of our fitness equipment.
   It has the subtitle of 12 Steps to Optimum Health, Fitness & Longevity. It includes an exercise workout in  drawings when you get to  chapter thirteen. The exercises look doable
  LaLanne was into juicing. As an aid he includes at the end of step twelve pictures and information on the fruits and vegetables and grains along with a glycemic index.
  Vitamins play a great part in his nutrition program.  For a look at available vitamins for sports and for exercing, the aminos you need, the other suppliments needed  you can go to
   The web site is not affilated with Jack La Lanne but is an  independent online business.

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