Thursday, October 11, 2012

50 Things Liberals Love To Hate

   How is your blood pressure? It doesn't matter if you love or hate what Gallagher stands for, you have to be fair and allow him to speak out his belief. It is the right thing to do.

   It is thought provoking For too long the individual has been put down. 1984. What do you think when I say that?. Mind control?. Think speech? A book that you are not going to read?
  I know. You are saying, here is a book review by one of them. Hey, calm down and let your blood pressure settle.
    Written in a count down style, from 50 to 1 it is well done. I feel it is a book that must be read if only to see what it is the liberal thinking person is being said to be against. Some of the targets are right on. Others you aren't so sure about but with further thought it makes sense.
     Gallagher has his own radio program and is doing well. This book gets his message out in a more permanent way than just the program. What you can hold in your hand and read is more powerful

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