Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Doubter's Guide to the Ten Coimmandments by John Dickson

    We are all aware that we live under a system of rules and regulations. Just where did they come from?
     We have a book called the Bible which gives us a set of standards which form the basis of life. It is called the Ten Commandments.
     It seems everyone to one extent or another has a conception of the commandments. They may mix a bit of Moses and a Bit of Jesus in their understanding.
    True, these two have shaped the outlook on the issue, but true understanding comes through meditating on the details of each law.
    Dickson takes each commandment in a separate chapter and examines it as to context, language and application. What is revealed may stretch you. That is a good thing.
    As you read and consider what is said you will be grounded in your faith. For example, the first states the teaching of monotheism means there is and never has been more than one deity. This is the basis on which all action we undergo is grounded.
    This book is one that can be used in a basics course in a new member’s group in the church.  I recommend it also be read by apologists to give them some facts to discuss with non-believers.
    These instructions have changed the world and we need to understand them.
     This book was sent to me free by the publishers for the purpose of this review. Viewpoints are those of the reviewer.
     They used as their distributor of this product.

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