Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Doctor In The House By Candy Carson

I found this to be a very good biography from the viewpoint of the wife of Ben Carson. We saw his life story in  Gifted Hands yet if you really want the true picture of who a person is you need a ask a person who is close to him. A wife is.
Carson, the wife, knows the struggles of being married to a gifted pioneer in the area of  neurosurgery.
 At least from the view of having to support a strong man.
  You need to know is he a humble man? How does he deal with his children? How does he deal with those he works with? How does he treat his family?
 It may not be a complete unbiased picture. But it is a look at a man who has had struggles and worked through them.
  I decided to read this book because Carson was for a while one of the Republican candidates running for a chance to be in the 2016 election for United States President, or at least to be considered. He was attacked by Donald Trump and no one heard from him again or even knew anything about him. I just don't think it fair to him.
   It really doesn't matter what  your view of politics is. This is not that type of book.
   It has pictures from the family album.
   I consider it a book people should read to get a picture of  current black history. There are still people to look up to.

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