Friday, February 5, 2016

The Confessions of X by Suzanne M. Wolfe

In the Confessions written by Augustine, the Bishop of Hippo, a nameless woman is mentioned who was his concubine. No name is given but there was some reason he never forgot her.
This fiction retelling told in first person also follows the custom of not giving her name. It recounts what may have happened. The story line shows  research was needed as to the society of that time period.
Augustine was promised to another. For him to marry a woman from a different social economic was frowned upon. But to take her on as a concubine, that was okay.
You have to understand in that period a concubine was a common law wife. The term was not used for the prostitute.
The story is plausible. Augustine, according to history, did live a self centered lifestyle before he became a Christian and one of what is now known as a Church father. It is known that in his confessions is mentioned an unnamed female.
This is the benefit of fiction. A writer can use imagination in constructing an answer. She still does remain nameless but we see through her actions her love for Augustine.
This is another book to add to the romantic genre. It is well done and female readers will find it enjoyable.
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