Sunday, January 24, 2016

Arab and Jew by David Shipler

Updated and revised, this large book attempts to present the two nations which share the area. God promised the land to Abraham and his offspring. The Arabs are also his offspring.
They both mistrust the other. It is the education they get. Their history books have been slanted in a way to distort history and distort nationalism.
They have diverse cultures even though they exist side by side.  There has to be a way to bring the two nations together peacefully.
If only there could be a way of understanding the other.
This large book contains insightful stories of the inhabitants that are in the land. There is a great socioeconomic divide and prejudice on both sides.
But there seems to be hope. Some people there are questioning. Some minds on both sides are bringing about a healing, the author seems to be saying. It is a slow process.
This book needs to be purchased and read by those who also are hopeful. You need to know the people before you make a judgment. They are just regular folk like us who are confused and wounded.
I found this to be a scholarly look at the question of who are the people involved in the conflict in the land of Israel.  
This book was sent to me gratis  to be reviewed from blogging for as a member of the review group. No requirement was put upon me to give a positive review. All viewpoints reflect the reviewers and not the publishers.

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