Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Think Act Believe Like Jesus by Randy Frazee

   You hear that a Christian is a person who follows Jesus as their Lord. To truly follow you need to have a life plan.
    Sometimes you wish there were a handy book with instructions concerning what that means. You are looking for something that can be digested in bite size portions.
    To truly think, act and believe like Jesus there are some basics. You don’t wish to make a fool of yourself. You wish to appear cool.
    You would need to have somewhat of a working knowledge of belief, practice and virtues. Your life will undergo a change.
    You would need a discipleship manual to help you.
     The Bible is sufficient but somewhat foreboding to most of us. A link or guide would be useful.
      Frazee has penned a book to help. We need to know what we believe. He offers ten belief areas along with ten practices and ten values. This is the discipleship book for small groups of new believers.
       I would recommend this not only for new converts but also for those of us who are farther along in the walk and need something to use to disciple others.
      This book was sent gratis from the book look blog for the purpose of reviewing. No requirement to review one way or another were set down, and the views expressed are those of the reviewer and not the publisher, which was Zondervan.
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