Saturday, May 23, 2015

Better and Faster by Jeremy Gutsche

  The world of commerce is made up of hunters and farmers.
    Farmers are basically people who take an idea and maintain the product and tend to protect the craft in hope of it replicating the success it once had.
    A hunter on the other hand will take the product and tweak it.  The author says, to win, you need to know where to hunt and how to leverage the momentum of your environment.
    A case in point is the present day Victoria’s Secret.
    Back in 1997 a man called Roy Raymond saw a need for a shop where men could come and buy lingerie for his loved one. He envisioned it as a guy-friendly place where men would be comfortable while their women shopped.
    Raymond launched a mail order catalog with pictures that that could be pinned up in locker rooms.
He marketed it to the wrong sex. It wasn’t until another retail magnate Leslie Wexner bought it from him that Victoria’s Secret found its audience.
    Wexner was a hunter type. He repositioned the catalog and redesigned the marketing to meet the woman’s eye.
     This book than details the contrast between the farmer type who is comfortable with things as they are since they have worked in the past and the hunter who is looking for opportunities to expand.
     Gutsche presents six patterns of opportunity that a hunter type should be aware of to master big forces and compete.
      I recommend this book for business entrepreneurs.
     I was sent this book free from blogging for to be reviewed and was not required to give a positive press. All opinions expressed are those of the reviewer and not that of the publisher.

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