Monday, April 27, 2015

Thrive by Arianna Huffington

   “There is a purpose to our lives, even if it is sometimes hidden from us”
    Huffington tries to express a way we can better grasp what that purpose may be.
    She explains there are three metrics that we should live our lives on. A metric being something helping us to create a life of success.
    The first two metrics she suggests are Money and Power. She suggests that with only the two metrics by themselves you develop stress and burnout.
    You need the third to thrive. To thrive is to live a healthy, balanced, and meaningful life.
     The third she divides up into four areas of: well-being, wisdom, wonder, and giving.
      All three metrics together can lead you to having a successful life, seems to be the point of this book.
      Oprah has this in her book club. The book club is slanted to female tastes. Some men may enjoy this book, but it is not slanted to the male market, it seems to me.
       This book is too general and feel good. In the area of wisdom, for example, she mentions all faith systems as being equally valid. If you are looking for her to have a belief system she bases her life on that is sound, this is not the book for you. Her views seems to be whatever feels right, do.
        I was not required to like this book when I was sent it free from blogging for books to be reviewed. All opinions are mine.
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