Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This Is What You Just Put In Your Mouth? by Patrick Di Justo

Some of us eat everything placed before us without asking what is in it. Others want a detailed ingredients list before they will touch the item placed before them. If we really knew what was going in our mouths, would we be ingesting it?
Do you really wish to know?
For example, the energy drink Red Bull. What is actually in it? Where does its power come from? Is it as healthy as they advertise it to be?
This tome also handles some stuff we use daily such as deodorant and shampoo. Laundry detergent and skin creams also are looked at.
It is a collection of articles written by Di Justo and published over time in columns in Wired magazine.
I feel that it is a light hearted look at consumer packaging. We in America want to know what it is that we are buying. It is a form of being ingredient aware.  There is nothing wrong with that.
Is this going to make people more aware of what goes in the foods and products they daily shop for? One would hope so. But will it stop them from eating and using these products?
People, being people, probably will read this book and smile and life will go on.
I received this book gratis from to be reviewed and included in my blog. I was not required to give it a positive review.

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