Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Until You're Mine by Samantha Haynes

    How do you take care of yourself and twins when a baby is on the way and the father is away in the service? Why, you put an ad in the paper and look for someone to be a nanny.
   That’s what Claudia Morgan-Brown does.
   The story is told in multiple viewpoints; two first persons and one third person. The first persons are the nanny, Flo, and the main character, Claudia, who is about due to give birth. The third person is the detective, Lorraine. Chapters alternate between them. This technique heightens the suspense factor.
   It seems someone has been performing C sections on pregnant women who are just about due to deliver, killing the child and mother.
   Flo wants a baby which is one reason she hires out as a nanny. If you can’t have one, care for one. Claudia has a history of miscarriages in the past so this baby is important for her.
   I will not mention any spoilers.
   Hayes is good at holding the suspense tight. This book is definitely not one to read just before turning out the lights at night as it will keep your brain very active.
   I would recommend it for all who like a good suspenseful read.
   This book was sent to me gratis to be reviewed by bloggingforbooks.com. I was not required to give a positive review.
   For those who want to purchase a copy of this book, just click on the link below.

   Until You're Mine

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