Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Revival by Stephen King

  I have become a fan of Stephen King. I like the way he has developed in his style since his first book a long time ago.
  He used to do gross out type of horror stories. But he started to develop characters that were intriguing. His story in the past about flying saucers and telekinetic powers were a bit off the norm .
 When he works with basic motifs of the unknown, the wolfman, the enhanced mental capability of man-- these are good.
  He has become a leader in the revived horror genre.
   In this one we have the power of electricity and its' distructive power.
    The template for this one appears to be the Frankenstein Motif. A con man enters town and through the power of electricity presents himself as a miracle worker. But each person he helps is either driven to suicide or losing of their minds.
  Except for a few.
  This story is told through the first person voice of Jamie Morton who gets selected by a person called Charles Jacobs, the con man. There is a link between the two set up by a healing done by Jacobs using electricity.
   Jacobs weaves through the story and ends up at the end of his life attempting to raise the dead during a storm. He wishes to know what is beyond death.
   Jamie is needed since he is the success story of Jacobs and has the strongest connection to the power of the storm.
    King may have lost some of his hold over the genre but is starting to regain it.
    This is a good book and enjoyable.
     To buy a copy of this book you can go to my book store .
     On page 11 you will find it. Revival by Stephen King.

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