Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Leadership Handbook by John Maxwell


    Not everyone who has the title leader is a leader. It doesn’t matter if it is business or the army or in the volunteer sphere, just because you are in the position of leader it doesn’t give you the skill. And since a leader is made not born it behooves you to pay attention to books like this.
     Every leader needs followers. Also every leader needs to understand some basic rules or lessons. They may not be easy or effortless—some may want you to think so, but they are necessary.
     26 needful lessons are detailed here in short insightful chapters. Each one concludes with an application exercise covering the discussion of the chapter and a mentoring moment if you are holding small group sessions.
Maxwell has fleshed out a Manual for every leader who is to be and presently is.
    Years of fleshing out the principles he shares here has made Maxwell one of the people you should listen to.
    If I had this book when I was first starting out would have saved me some painful moments.
    His style is smooth and neighborly. You will enjoy this for your library on leadership or just for general reading on the topic.
    This book was sent to me gratis from to be reviewed. There was no requirement that I give a positive review and any opinions expressed are mine and not those of the publisher.
    This was formally published as Leadership Gold back in 2008.
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  The Leadership Handbook: 26 Critical Lessons Every Leader Needs

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